Workshop Cleaning And Finishing

Workshop Cleaning And Finishing

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Puhua Environmental Protection has many years of practical experience and complete products for the cleaning, collection and arrangement of dust, particles, oil and other substances scattered on the ground and work surfaces of industrial plants, clean rooms, electronics, food, pharmaceutical production lines, metal processing workshops, etc. line, for different working conditions, we can provide highly targeted customized solutions, such as cleaning machine tools (CNC processing machine tools, lathes, milling machines, etc.), absorbing metal fragments, dust, industrial oil, coolant mixed waste, welding Ground cleaning in the grinding workshop, dust-free operation in the construction industry, drilling and milling while walking and suction, etc.

Workshop cleaning and finishing

Clean up processing shelves, residual dust and particles on the surface of equipment

Sanitary ware and ceramic industry cleaning and finishing

Floor and construction industry cleaning and finishing

Metal welding and cutting waste cleaning and finishing

Powder industry equipment surface and floor cleaning

Cleaning of dead corner dust inside the equipment

Food filling plant production line cleaning and finishing

Explosion-proof vacuum cleaners are used in explosion-proof areas

Vacuum cleaners for equipment and production lines

Garment, textile workshop dust collection

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