Three common misunderstandings in the selection of industrial vacuum cleaners

Three common misunderstandings in the selection of industrial vacuum cleaners

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Selection of industrial vacuum cleaner 3 common misunderstandings
Industrial vacuum cleaners can not only improve cleaning efficiency in industrial production, but also can Improving the quality of cleaning can effectively optimize processing and ensure that on-site workers are protected from dust. Therefore, more and more factories choose to use industrial vacuum cleaners. It is very important for users to choose a suitable industrial vacuum cleaner. The following editor of Puhua Environmental Protection will introduce some common misunderstandings in the purchase of industrial vacuum cleaners.
1. Domestic industrial vacuum cleaner vs. imported industrial vacuum cleaner
Many people think that imported products must be better than domestic products.actually not. The price of imported equipment of the same type must be higher than that of domestic equipment, but the quality is not necessarily. In the industrial vacuum cleaner industry, there are currently many domestic brands such as Puhua, whose product quality is not inferior to that of imported ones. Compared with imported brands, in addition to their price advantages, they also have non-standard custom-made special industrial vacuum cleaners based on your working conditions that foreign brands cannot do. The following is the high temperature resistant industrial vacuum cleaner we customized for a factory.

2. High-power PK low-power industrial vacuum cleaner
Many customers blindly think that the effect of industrial vacuum cleaners with higher power the better. In fact, the size of the purchased power ultimately depends on your on-site working conditions. What works for you is the best fit. Especially when choosing an industrial vacuum cleaner for equipment, it must be selected according to your working conditions and comprehensive dust characteristics.

3. Manual dust cleaning vs. electric vibrating dust vs. pulse blowback< /span>
When many purchasing friends make choices, price is often a very important factor Reference factors. The dust cleaning methods of industrial vacuum cleaners include manual dust cleaning, electric dust vibration, and pulse blowback3Types. The same modelThe prices of the three cleaning methods are also increasing in turn. Purchasers who have never used industrial vacuum cleaners may think that the parameters are the same, and this cleaning method is insignificant. In fact, the dust characteristics If you choose the wrong cleaning method, there will be problems in the process of use. Remind you not to choose the cleaning method just based on the price.

Puhua Environmental Protection reminds customers and friends that the selection of industrial vacuum cleaners must be determined based on the on-site working conditions, and do not blindly buy imported brands and high-power industrial vacuum cleaners. What suits you is the best. For questions about industrial vacuum cleaners, please consult our professional sales engineers:020-34567118, thank you!

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