Several issues to be aware of when using dust collectors

Several issues to be aware of when using dust collectors

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Now people no longer just choose a job based on the salary, but pay more attention to whether the working environment will affect the In terms of physical health, everyone has higher and higher requirements for the working environment. Some working environments will produce smoke, droplets, etc., if not dealt with, it will affect the health of the staff, which requires installationdust collector to solve the problem. The following editor will tell you a few things to pay attention to when using a dust collector.

1. Professional dust collectors have certain requirements for working temperature. Because this is related to the manufacturing materials used, if there is a certain acidity and alkalinity in the gas, the air duct of the dust collector needs to have anti-corrosion measures. If the air humidity is high, the dust collector needs to be treated with rust prevention. If the temperature of the particles in the gas is high, it is necessary to install a pre-filter system in front of the dust collector, which can be a water spray cooling or a fire filter device.

2. The authoritative dust collector can also be installed outdoors, but pay attention to the influence of weather factors, such as wind direction, rainfall and other factors, and it is best to have shelter measures. The air outlet should not face the direction of people. If it needs to be discharged to high altitude, it is necessary to install a chimney of more than ten meters.
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3. When a dust collector with a good reputation is installed indoors, it is necessary to choose a suitable model according to the site, because its size and weight are different, and the supporting strips usedThe pieces are also different. There will be a certain amount of noise in the operation of the dust collector, and a noise reduction device should be installed if necessary. If there are explosive substances in the room, it is best to have a sprinkler system.

4. A good quality dust collector also needs to be inspected and maintained after being used for a period of time. For example: interfaces, seals and solenoid valves, etc., replace with new parts if necessary.

Even if a high-level dust collector is installed in the workplace, it will not completely eliminate all dust particles, but only reduce the dust content in the air to the greatest extent. The diffused particles can be collected through the treatment of the dust collector to make the air cleaner. If there is a lot of dust in the working environment, the inspection and maintenance cycle of the dust collector should be shortened accordingly to ensure a good dust removal effect.

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