[Review of the 2021 Annual Conference Part 2] Annual Awards Ceremony

[Review of the 2021 Annual Conference Part 2] Annual Awards Ceremony

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This year, we help each other and take responsibility;
This year, we overcame difficulties and strived for performance;
This year, we grasp the trend, innovate and upgrade;
This year, we have concentrated our efforts and united with sincerity

Best Newcomer Award:
Talent is the first resource, thank you Puhua new main force for bringing fresh blood and vitality to our company

Excellent Intern Award:
With vigor and vigor, he quickly integrated into the group, accurately and conscientiously interpreted his role, even in the position of an intern, he can show the value of life with the highest standard.

Ownership Award:
He has no rhetoric, he has no great achievements, but he used his actions to tell us what the spirit of ownership is, and he worked silently, fulfilled his duties, and created extraordinary things in ordinary positions.

Best Marketing Award:
The market has sincerity, the heart is boundless, the sun is hot, the heat is hot, the mud is covered, the cloak is frosty, the luggage is packed, and another market is opened. You are invincible.

Annual Attendance Award:
Conscientious and hardworking, regardless of the wind and rain, they are always concerned about Puhua.

Best Improvement Award:
They have a kind of youthful vigor and vigorous strength, they have the courage to move forward, pioneering and fighting spirit, despite the twists and turns on the road, they have overcome difficulties one by one with action and decisiveness, they put Excellence should be pursued, they are the most beautiful scenery.

Personal Sales Champion Award:
Competing with the market, dancing with customers, good at fighting, and able to lead the team, he is the best interpreter of “professionalism and ambition”.

Excellent Service Award:
365 days a year, they are providing customers, suppliers and colleagues with the best quality service, always service first. It is an extraordinary quality to be highly praised by clients both internally and externally.

Love and Dedication Award:
The same unit also works from 8 to 6, they draw a different kind of landscape, they are not necessarily smarter or better than others, but they love the company and take responsibility With a strong heart, you know how to better fulfill your duties within a limited time, and use indisputable praise to conquer others and win respect.

Excellent Pioneer Award:
They are the pacesetters among the advanced and the banner among the pacesetters. They have interpreted the true meaning of the vanguard collective with practical actions, and proved to the company that they are our pride with their performance.

Sales Achievement Team Award:
Through the wind and rain, you will see the courage, and work together to overcome the difficultieswave. They share weal and woe in their work, they are perfect as one, and they are invincible on the battlefield.

Special Contribution Award:
Every time Puhua succeeds, every time it starts again, there are noble people to help, thank you for meeting, thank you for having you!

The above are all our awards in 2021
2021 is an extraordinary year
But no matter in the face of the epidemic or the challenges brought by the market
All Puhua people can respond quickly, and the team works closely
Work hard for Puhua Environmental Protection to successfully achieve the annual goal
I would like to thank every employee for their hard work
Hope to make persistent efforts and create greater glories in the Year of the Tiger!

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