[Red Light Award · Shortlisted Awards] Puhua Environmental Protection: DFK Series High Efficiency Industrial Dust Collector

[Red Light Award · Shortlisted Awards] Puhua Environmental Protection: DFK Series High Efficiency Industrial Dust Collector

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Laser, known as “mysterious Light”. As one of the major inventions of mankind in the 20th century, it has been integrated into all aspects of manufacturing, economy and society. Rich and diverse laser technologies provide us with powerful tools to understand and change the world. I believe that with the joint efforts of scientists and colleagues in the industry, more amazing laser technologies will continue to emerge.

115 industry representatives, 145 innovative products, and 170 declared projects, hosted by the Organizing Committee of China Laser Industry Innovation Contribution Award and “Laser Manufacturers” Among the innovative products and projects declared by the finalists of the 2021 “Red Light Award”, we deeply felt the innovation vitality of the industry under the “Era of Optical and Intelligent Manufacturing”, and also clearly saw the development of China’s laser industry, product innovation, Enterprise contribution and changes in the industrial environment.

In the recent year, What excellent products and solutions have emerged in the laser industry? Which companies have achieved impressive growth? The special column of “Laser Manufacturing Network” will explain to you the core technologies and hard-core products of the 115 companies shortlisted for this year’s “Red Light Award”, in order to highlight the innovative vitality of the industry and inspire a new future for laser intelligent manufacturing.

Apply for awards:
“Red Light Award”
2021Annual laser supporting systemSystem Innovation Contribution Award:

Mainly used for high-power laser metal cutting fume purification. Description of main technical indicators of the product:

Product features: This series of equipment is specially developed and manufactured for the field of laser metal cutting, which can meet most of the domestic laser metal cutting equipment Excellent dust extraction and purification, good dust extraction effect, filter cartridge quick installation technology, multi-frequency injection technology with unique injection structure, perfectly solve the problem of filter cartridge blockage, professional air flow design with unique sound-absorbing material to make the operation of the equipment more efficient Quiet.

Innovative breakthrough:Filter cartridge quick installation, multi-frequency injection , spiral injection and many other patent applications.

Market situation: PwC Environmental Protection has conducted technical exchanges and cooperation with many well-known environmental protection companies in Germany, Sweden, and Italy for many years, and its product and system engineering design capabilities have reach the internationalIt is one of the best suppliers of comprehensive solutions for workshop dust environment.

About the Red Light Award: “Red Light Award” is committed to becoming the leading award in the field of products and technologies in China’s laser industry,Create a vane for technological upgrading and product innovation in China’s laser field. Passed the “Red Light Award” selection activities, Commenting outstanding enterprises and innovative products in the industry, establishing a benchmark for the industry, setting an example, and setting a model for leading the high-quality development and innovative development of the industry.

Puhua Red Light Award finalist notice:


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