[Puhua New Headquarters Occupancy Ceremony] New environment. New starting point. New journey.

[Puhua New Headquarters Occupancy Ceremony] New environment. New starting point. New journey.

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Dear new and old customers and friends:
Thank you for your support all the way,
Our company will officially enter the new headquarters of PwC on July 10, 2022-Hua Chuang Industrial Park Gemini West Tower 10th Floor.

This is an important milestone in the development of our company, and this is a new platform for us to set sail!
This is a new symbol for the leaders of the enterprise to lead all our employees to forge ahead and march towards success!
This is a new starting line for bigger and stronger!
The company is happy to move to a new location, set sail again, new environment, new starting point, new journey, what changes is the address, what remains the same is the service, with a grateful heart, continue to forge ahead, pursue dreams, and go to the stars and the sea together!

Housewarming! A sense of ritual is a must! Good luck moving in! Step out safe and sound!
On this auspicious day, it is the details and the ceremony that make people’s heart beat. The desserts and fruits arranged by the company, I hope we can all receive the goods full of happiness and joy~~
With the careful planning, venue arrangement and joint efforts of all partners in the administrative department, the occupancy ceremony officially opened.
First of all, the host talked about the struggle of the company in the past eight years since its establishment.
Puhua’s achievements are achieved by the joint efforts of all employees. In the future, we will continue to uphold the principle of cohesion,Forge ahead; do not forget the original heart, only then..

At the beginning of the ceremony, our chairman Mr. Ke and general manager Mr. Cao also delivered an important speech on the company’s vision. They talked about the past. Present. And an overall goal plan for the future .

At any time, the development of the company is inseparable from the manipulator at the helm. Mr. Ke said in his speech, Three central ideas for the operation of the company this year, first, focus on products and services; cost efficiency; three, digital construction. Mr. Ke’s three points of view have clarified the direction for the company’s development, injected strength into the team, and provided protection for customers.

Mr. Cao said that this is the third relocation of the company. We have grown from small to large, and every relocation indicates that Puhua will grow again. office building. Will continue to lead Puhua’s team and continue to strive for the realization of the company’s goals.

Youth shines through tempering, and life is sublimated because of struggle.
Finally, they cut the cake together~

Happy housewarming! In addition to the dessert and fruit at noon, of course there is also a welcome banquet,
In the evening, we had dinner at the Four Seasons Garden Restaurant. We were in groups, and our happiness was doubled. There were food on the table and wine in the glass. Life needs fireworks, eating and drinking, talking and laughing~

We renew our friendship while exchanging glasses, and we share together while laughing.
The epidemic has tested the fighting spirit and belief of all PwC employees. It is time for PwC’s new headquarters to occupy and the company’s semi-annual dinner. It needs to be celebrated with delicious food and wine. At the same time, it is also necessary to reward the front-line workers and partners from various departments who have silently contributed to the company. They have worked tirelessly , Burning the lights and fighting at night, sticking to the quality, providing a solid guarantee for shipments, they are the heroes of Puhua!

Today’s event was a complete success, this is a happy and unforgettable day,
Looking back on the past, we have a lot of emotion; based on the present, we are full of passion.

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In the future, under the leadership of the chairman and the company’s leadership team, Puhua will ride the wind and waves to cross the sea!

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