PSD Series—Filter Cartridge Vibrating Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

PSD Series—Filter Cartridge Vibrating Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

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The items in the PSD series are distinguished by their style, simplicity, and shorter rotating dust vibration of the filter cartridge than other industrial vacuum cleaners. Suitable for events with little room or within machinery. Widely utilized in the support of manufacturing units, PCB drilling equipment, V-Cut equipment, battery, foundry, electronics, and other industries.

Figure: PSD Series—Filter Cartridge Vibrating Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Turbine motor, strong suction, maintenance-free


The power system uses a wide-pressure, dual-frequency, international advanced explosion-proof precision casting turbo fan (air pump), which has a long lifespan, low noise level, and excellent dependability. The power supply is 380V/50Hz or 220V/50Hz, and the power ranges from 0.75kw to 4.0kw.

1. Cartridge filter for easy cleaning

The filter system uses a polyester fiber base material that was imported from Japan, a pleated filter cartridge, and PTFE coating treatment. It also includes a built-in reinforcement filter. The equivalent diameter of 0.3 m has a dust filtration accuracy of over 99%, is easy to clean, meets indoor emission standards, and has little wind resistance.

2. Rotating vibration dust, convenient and efficient

The manual dust vibration mode is used for rotary vibration cleaning. The large dust particles stuck to the surface of the filter cartridge can be removed with just a quick clockwise/counterclockwise rotation of the rotary handle.

3. The upper and lower barrels are separated for easy dust removal

An additional protection plate is built around the motor in terms of structural design. Another purpose is to stop heavy objects from dropping and harming the motor or small objects from falling into the motor. The first function is to stop the long-running motor from heating up and scorching the operator or negatively impacting other objects. Noise reduction serves as the third purpose.

4. Stainless steel vacuum bucket, strong and durable

The stainless steel used to make the vacuum bucket’s entire body is smooth, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean, and long-lasting.

The vacuum bucket cover is made using a CNC spinning machine, which has a lovely and elegant appearance and avoids issues like cracks and desoldering.

5. Negative pressure monitoring, dust cleaning reminder

A part of the entire machine’s conventional configuration is the negative pressure gauge. Puhua Company has made it specifically for commercial vacuum cleaners. The machine’s internal negative pressure in each power segment is represented by the colours green, blue, and red. The pointer indicates that the filter needs to be cleaned or replaced by pointing to the red region.

6. Industrial casters, easy to move

Installation of industrial casters is easy and practical. The brackets are made of 2.5 mm pickled boards to add reinforcement, and the wheels are made of premium polyurethane (PU). 50kg may be carried by a single 2-inch caster wheel. The texturing on the wheel surface is intended to improve anti-skid performance.

7. Built-in cyclone separator to reduce the load on the filter

The primary electronic control elements of the electrical system use French Schneider products, an internationally renowned brand. The control panel for the turbine motor is simple and elegant, and it can be used to easily carry out functions like remote control and linkage control. The turbine motor also has built-in thermal overload protection, optional phase loss and reverse phase sequence protection, and independent control of the electric box.

Technical parameter:

Typical Case:

(Use with laser machine)

(Use with slitting machine)

(Compatible with PCB splitter)

(Compatible with drilling and milling machine)

(Compatible with slot milling machine)

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Being a market leader in the area of manufacturing environmental purification has always been Puhua Environmental Protection‘s aim. It will have its headquarters in China and market its goods globally. One of today’s most cutting-edge and globally competitive environmental protection businesses. The PSD Series—Filter Cartridge Vibrating Industrial Vacuum Cleaner is a high-quality, user-friendly, better-operating, strong, and durable vacuum cleaner.

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