ZX series central dust collection system

Features & Advantages

Split structure to ensure the extensibility of power and filter area
Round dust bucket at the bottom, easy to pour
Inclined filter cartridge, small footprint, large filtration area
Famous domestic brand fans
Independent control electric box, inverter soft start, main control components are Schneider brand
The polyester fiber filter material is PTFE-coated, and the filtration accuracy is more than 99% for 0.3μm dust
Automatic pulse back blowing dust removal, the best dust removal effect
The dust hopper is equipped with a perspective window, which is convenient for observing the dust accumulation
Modular structure, multi-level combination possible
Rack quick installation structure, make full use of space and cost control
The filter also adopts a quick-loading structure, which is very convenient for replacement and cleaning, saving time and effort.


surface finishing

SPCC material, electrostatic spraying, high temperature baking
Surface color standard adopts wrinkle gray + wrinkle white, special requirements can be customized




Filter: Domestic oil-proof and waterproof filter cartridge
Imported PTFE anti-static filter cartridge
Imported PTFE flame retardant filter cartridge
Remote control and local control switching device
Customization of special voltage and frequency
Blockage alarm device
Explosion-proof motor, explosion-proof solenoid valve, explosion-proof electric box
The bottom is changed to automatic unloading
Humanized touch screen control interface
Siemens/ABB motor, SKF/NSK bearing
Design and installation of outdoor canopy
Fan exhaust outlet 15 meters high altitude discharge
Fan silencer box / silencer room
Siemens inverter, PLC, touch screen
Combination of differential pressure blowback control and timing blowback
Add spark detectors and automatic fire extinguishing devices to the pipeline
Explosion-proof isolation valve is added to the pipeline



Technical specification

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