WSD Series—Grinding Wheel Wet Grinding Bench

Specially designed for flammable and explosive dust such as grinder grinding, polishing aluminum magnesium, etc.
Key words: grinder grinding, polishing aluminum magnesium and other flammable and explosive dust design
Product features: beautiful, safe, small footprint
Motor power: 3.5kw 380V
Water pump power: 1.1kw380V
Flow: 3600m3/h
Noise: ≤82
Filtration method: self-excitation + wet water curtain + wet spray

Filtrater and fan system integrated structure design, compact structure

The fan adopts Siemens motor + customized high-energy-efficiency high-center impeller, which is suitable for the appropriate amount of wind pressure used by the wet dust collector, ensuring excellent air volume and wind pressure parameters. The fan system and filter system are integrated, the structure needs to be read, the site area is small, and the movement is convenient.


Self-excited wet filtration, cooling and dust removal

In terms of filtration system, multi-stage combined filtration, the first stage adopts wet filtration, utilizes the principle of eddy current + surface water film adsorption, and the patented structure design highlights the significant effect of pre-filtration. The filter medium is an emulsion of water, oil or various additives. The dust-containing gas is first passed into the liquid filter medium, and a large amount of dust particles and spark smoke will be integrated into it through a self-excited reaction.

Particle Interceptor, Dust and Fog Removal

The interior mainly adopts water curtain + spraying device, which mainly uses liquid as the filter medium. The spraying liquid passes through the liquid distributor to the customized nozzle. The nozzles are distributed in multiple directions, and the gas is fed from the bottom, and the liquid is countercurrent and continuously passes through the spraying. Layer and water curtain layer, gas-liquid two-phase close contact for mass transfer, and finally achieve the effect of filtration.

Water pump assists, spraying freely

The explosion-proof water pump is the standard component of this machine, which increases the pressure of the internal spray system and circulates the water in the water tank without adding water. It only needs to replace the water in the tank regularly according to the nature and amount of pollutants on site. Since the amount of water will evaporate or be filtered and absorbed, this machine is designed with an automatic water replenishment structure, which can connect the tap water pipe to the water replenishment nozzle of the machine, and automatically replenish water according to the liquid level.


Explosion-proof control, safety guarantee

The explosion-proof control system is designed, and all electrical components have explosion-proof certificates to avoid potential safety hazards caused by electrical sparks.
Motors and electric boxes all adopt dust explosion-proof specifications, explosion-proof mark: ExtDA21IP65 dust explosion-proof safety system design is not only the use of explosion-proof components, but also the design of the whole machine structure, process flow, electrostatic protection, open flame protection, etc. Many factors, our company has deep theoretical and practical experience in this field.

Detail control, quality model

The explosion-proof lighting design can ensure sufficient lighting intensity for users to work more smoothly in the case of insufficient light.

The design of the sewage outlet can make the sewage replacement and sludge cleaning more convenient.

The waste residue box design can make waste residue cleaning easier and more convenient.



Technical specification

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