WS series rotary wet dust collector

It is specially designed for the filtration and treatment of high-volume cutting, grinding spark dust, magnesium-aluminum flammable and explosive dust, sticky dust, oily dust and high-temperature flue gas
Keywords: Filtration and treatment of large air volume cutting, grinding spark dust, magnesium aluminum flammable and explosive dust, sticky dust, oily dust and high temperature flue gas
Product features: pure wet method, large processing capacity, self-excited
Power: 5.5~18.5kw 380V
Flow: 4000-10000 m3/h
Noise: ≤75
Filtration method: pure wet method + optional high-efficiency discharge components

Fan integrated structure design, small footprint

In terms of product design, the filter system, fan system and slag discharge system are designed as an integrated structure. The equipment occupies a small area, has a beautiful appearance and low noise. It is convenient to be placed inside the workshop, closest to the dust-generating station.
The product is suitable for partial system dust removal in the workshop, especially suitable for placement in the workshop, with a small footprint, mainly for special situations with a large number of cutting, grinding spark smoke, flammable and explosive aluminum-magnesium metal dust, high-temperature smoke, viscosity or high humidity Dust handling.



Spin absorption, gas-liquid fusion, high-efficiency filtration

The interior of the equipment is designed with a cylindrical tower device. The dust-laden gas is first stratified by the swirl, and then swirls into the liquid below, and reacts with the liquid to fully integrate. Due to the reasonable design of the swirl device, the swirl is pneumatic The device has the function of guiding and relaying, and uses the kinetic energy of the flue gas itself to generate aerodynamic swirling flow, and the gas-liquid two-phase is fully touched, and the mass transfer reaction is carried out to achieve high filtration efficiency. Our company has rich experience in the design and installation of swirl and self-healing, and has a large number of achievements. Personalized design for the specific conditions of different dust and flue gas conditions ensures strict control over the size, rotation angle, dust removal efficiency, and resistance of the swirl bucket.

Defog system

In order to further enhance the purification efficiency, there is a need removal device inside the equipment. The internal need removal brush is used as the transmission medium between the gas-liquid two-phase contact components. The regular structure of the weight removal plate is placed on the support plate in an orderly manner, and the liquid dew is sent from the bottom. , after being distributed by the gas distribution device, the dust and fog are removed again through the gap of the dew plate. The top of the equipment is designed with a detachable high-efficiency filter structure, which can be increased or decreased according to the requirements of the on-site environmental assessment.



Independent waste slag and liquid collection box, one-button operation of the valve, easy slag removal

An independent waste residue and liquid collection box is designed at the bottom of the equipment, which is completely independent from the filtration system. There is a valve in the middle to control the opening and closing. When the water needs to be replaced, you only need to put the water and gold part of the upper filter box into the lower waste residue and liquid collection box. , close the valve, the equipment can automatically add water and run automatically. The waste water in the waste liquid collection tank at the bottom can be transferred to a special waste water treatment system by moving the casters, or it can be poured into a special filter static tank, and the water can be recycled.


Intelligent, safe control system, high degree of automation

Automatic frequency conversion system, press stand control electric box, built-in frequency converter + PLC + touch screen, can start and run at empty frequency, can add automatic frequency conversion adjustment system according to load, energy saving and efficiency enhancement. Liquid level control system, precise maximum and minimum water level control, automatic detection, automatic water replenishment, precise control, otherwise, it will have a great impact on equipment filtration efficiency, wind speed and pressure. Water shortage and waterless protection system. For flammable and explosive dust, if the wet dust collector operates without water or water shortage, it is very dangerous. Therefore, our product design has a very safe and effective water shortage protection system. , No water protection system, automatic protection in the state of water shortage or no water, the fan cannot be started, the equipment cannot operate, and it is mandatory to add water to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.



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