WP-Ex Series—Explosion-proof Wet Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Widely used in workshop vacuuming, 3D printing support, dust and waste gas treatment and other working conditions
Key words: working conditions such as workshop vacuuming, 3D printing support, dust and waste gas treatment
Product features: cabinet structure, high negative pressure, wet and dry combination
Power: 2.2kw-4.0kw
Maximum flow: 318 m3/h
Maximum negative pressure: 290 mbar
Water tank volume: 40L
Maximum filter area: 3.0 square

Explosion-proof motor, to eliminate the hidden danger of electrical sparks in the motor

The power system adopts the international advanced explosion-proof precision casting turbo fan (air pump), wide pressure and dual frequency, high reliability, low noise, long life, and can work continuously for 24 hours. The power is optional from 2.2kw-4.0kw, and the power supply is 380V/50Hz.




Wet filtration, cooling and explosion suppression

In terms of filtration system, multi-stage combined filtration, first adopts wet filtration, the filter medium is water, oil or emulsion of various additives, first passes the dusty gas into the liquid filter medium, a large number of dust particles will be integrated into it, avoid There are risks of spontaneous combustion and explosion. The gas mixed with dust can be sucked into the collection box filled with liquid, and the air, dust and liquid are fully mixed in the collection box. During the mixing process, the dust dissolves into the liquid and finally settles at the bottom of the collection box. The convenient removal process of the dust collection box ensures that the sediment in the collection box is very easy to clean.


Splash suppressor, suppress the rise of water splash

The second stage adopts metal mesh + coarse-effect filter to form a second-stage filter group. On the one hand, it suppresses the rise of water splashes, and on the other hand, it isolates dry and wet to prevent water droplets and mist from entering the dry filter behind.

High-efficiency dry filtration to prevent dust from escaping

The last stage adopts high-efficiency filters of H13 filtration level, and the filtration accuracy of dust with an equivalent diameter above 0.3 μm is over 99%, so as to capture the tiny dust particles escaping from the first two stages and achieve the purpose of high-precision filtration.

Industrial casters, easy to move

Industrial casters are simple and convenient to install. The wheels are made of top-grade polyurethane (PU), and the brackets are made of 2.5mm pickled boards to add reinforcements. A single 3-inch caster wheel can carry 100kg. The wheel surface is designed with texture to enhance the anti-skid performance.


Stable electronic control system, negative pressure gauge monitors negative pressure at any time

In terms of the electrical system, a flameproof dust explosion-proof electrical box is used, and the main electrical control components are Schneider products. The turbine motor realizes independent control of the electrical box, built-in thermal overload protection, optional phase loss and reverse phase sequence protection, the control panel is simple and elegant, and can easily realize functions such as remote control and linkage control.
Equipped with a negative pressure gauge to monitor the internal negative pressure in real time, to remind dust removal and filter replacement.


Complete accessories, optional according to specific working conditions

According to user requirements, there are different accessories for different powers.


Technical specification

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