WF series wet and dry integrated industrial dust collector

Widely used in the filtration and treatment of viscous dust, odorous dust, flammable and explosive dust, oily dust and high temperature flue gas
Key words: Filtration and treatment of viscous dust, odorous dust, flammable and explosive dust, oily dust and high temperature flue gas
Product features: dry and wet combination, large air volume, automatic dust removal
Water pump power: 380V/1.1~4.0kw
Maximum flow: 5000~30000m3/h
Negative pressure: 1800-2800 Pa
Dust vibration method: wet dust suppression

Integrated structural design of filter system and fan system, compact structure

The fan adopts Siemens motor + customized high-energy-efficiency centrifugal impeller, which is suitable for the appropriate amount of wind pressure used by the wet dust collector, ensuring excellent air volume and wind pressure parameters. Fan system and filter system integrated structure, compact structure, small footprint, easy to move.

Self-excited wet filtration, cooling and dust removal

In terms of filtration system, multi-stage combined filtration, the first stage adopts wet filtration, utilizes the principle of eddy current + surface water film adsorption, and the patented structure design highlights the significant effect of pre-filtration. The filter medium is an emulsion of water, oil or various additives. The dust-containing gas is first passed into the liquid filter medium, and a large amount of dust particles and spark smoke will be integrated into it through a self-excited reaction.

Particle Interceptor, Dust and Fog Removal

A metal or fiber filter is designed inside to intercept large particles of dust and a large number of liquid droplets, so as to prevent a large number of liquid droplets from entering the follow-up dust collector.

Centrifugal water mist isolator, intercepting mist

A centrifugal water mist isolator is designed between the dry filter and the wet filter inside the equipment. A high-speed rotating motor drives the stainless steel mesh wheel to intercept liquid droplets and water mist, preventing them from entering the subsequent dry filter and ensuring that the water mist does not Affect the service life of the dry filter.

Cartridge filtration, pulse backflush

The dry filter is designed as a cartridge filter, and it adopts a quick-release structure, which not only ensures the high filtration efficiency of the whole machine, but also facilitates the maintenance and replacement of the filter. According to the requirements of the working conditions, imported acupuncture can be selected. Felt, polyester, PTFE coated, antistatic, flame retardant. G4, F7, F9, H11, H13 and other filtration grades. The cartridge filter is designed with an automatic dust removal structure to clean up the dust adhering to the surface of the filter.

Detail control, quality model

The transparent observation window design allows the user to clearly see the basic situation of the internal filter in real time, which is convenient for timely cleaning and maintenance. Drain valve design makes slag/silt removal more convenient and labor-saving. The universal mobile caster design is convenient for the movement and handling of the equipment, and it is not restricted by the occasion for adding water and removing slag/silt, and can be moved at will. Liquid level indication design, you can see the liquid level inside the equipment very clearly, to remind you to increase the water volume.



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