WEM series light odor smoke purifier

Widely used in the filtration and treatment of high temperature, oily, viscous, odorous smoke and dust
Keywords: Filtration and treatment of high temperature, oily, viscous, odorous smoke and dust
Product features: small area, easy to move, high cost performance
Power: 380V/1.5~15kw
Maximum flow: 1800~12000m3/h
Negative pressure: 1800-2800 Pa
Filtration accuracy: 0.3um & 99.9%
Dust vibration method: automatic pulse back blowing dust removal

Filtrater and fan system integrated structure design, compact structure

The fan adopts Siemens motor + customized high-energy-efficiency high-center impeller, which is suitable for the appropriate amount of wind pressure used by the wet dust collector, ensuring excellent air volume and wind pressure parameters.
The fan system and filter system are integrated, the structure needs to be read, the site area is small, and the movement is convenient.


Self-excited wet filtration, cooling and dust removal

In terms of filtration system, multi-stage combined filtration, the first stage adopts wet filtration, utilizes the principle of eddy current + surface water film adsorption, and the patented structure design highlights the significant effect of pre-filtration. The filter medium is an emulsion of water, oil or various additives. The dust-containing gas is first passed into the liquid filter medium, and a large amount of dust particles and spark smoke will be integrated into it through a self-excited reaction.

Multi-style packing layer to enhance purification efficiency

In order to further enhance the purification efficiency, a packing layer is designed inside the equipment. The packing layer is the transmission medium of the gas-liquid two-phase interdependent component. There is a packing support plate at the bottom, and the packing is placed on the support plate in the form of anchor coating, and the gas flows from the bottom to the top. , after being distributed by the gas distribution device, it will flow continuously with the fluid through the gap of the filter material, and on the surface of the packing, the gas-liquid two-phase close contact for mass transfer.


Multi-level dry filtration, activated carbon to remove odor

The internal design leads the ten-type main code, the surface-drawn plate cover and anchor pull, and the basic dust resistance can be reached by a dozen.

Filter inside and outside, differential pressure monitoring

Pressure gauges are designed before and after dry filtration to monitor the pressure difference inside and outside the filter in real time, and the replacement personnel can judge the weight gain of the filter compartment according to the reading of the pressure difference, and then carry out the maintenance and replacement work required by the filter.

Detail control, quality model

With a clear system diagram design, the user can clearly see the basic situation of the internal filter in real time, which is convenient for timely cleaning and maintenance. Drain valve design makes slag/silt removal more convenient and labor-saving. The design of universal mobile casters makes it easy to move and carry the equipment, and it is not restricted by the occasion for adding water and removing slag and stimulating the foam, and can be moved at will. Liquid level indication design, you can see the liquid level inside the equipment very clearly, to remind you to increase the water volume.


Technical specification

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