SHF series—integrated welding and grinding platform

Specially designed for argon arc welding, gas shielded welding, laser welding, cladding and other workplaces
Keywords: argon arc welding, gas shielded welding, laser welding, cladding and other workplaces
Product features: vertical structure, luxury configuration
Power: 3.0-7.5kw 380V/220V
Flow rate: 1800~3600 m3/h
Maximum negative pressure: 2400 Pa
Filtration accuracy: 0.3um & 99.9%

SHF series—integrated welding and grinding platform

The SHF series is a vertical structure equipment specially designed for welding, grinding and polishing, with luxurious configuration, a working platform is designed at the front of the equipment, and the collection system under the connecting platform can collect all the residues on the operating platform. Suitable for large dust volume, welding and grinding conditions.


High-voltage power, continuous escort

In terms of power system, the three-phase 380V voltage adopts Siemens three-phase asynchronous motor, and is equipped with a special customized aluminum alloy impeller. The design negative pressure and flow are perfectly combined, stable operation, low failure rate, low noise, and can work continuously for 24 hours.

Electrical protection, famous brand components

In terms of electrical system, the main electronic control components adopt the international famous brand – French Schneider products. The turbine motor realizes the independent control of the electrical box, and has built-in thermal overload protection, phase loss, and reverse phase sequence protection. The control panel is simple and elegant, and can easily realize functions such as remote control and linkage control.

High-efficiency filtration, rejecting dust

A variety of filter materials are available for the filter system. According to different working conditions:
Standard configuration: oil-proof and waterproof polyester fiber filter cartridge Optional: imported PTFE coated filter cartridge, imported anti-static coated filter cartridge, Donaldson filter cartridge.

Cleaning system, efficient and reliable

Adopting the best filter cartridge dust removal technology so far, automatic pulse back blowing dust removal, combined with the specially developed spiral injection technology, the dust removal area covers the entire filter cartridge surface, and there is no cleaning blind area.

Drawer type dust box, convenient and quick

The dust collection box adopts a drawer structure. When cleaning the collected fume and welding slag, you only need to open the door panel and pull out the dust collection box, which is convenient, fast and efficient.

Industrial casters, your choice

The industrial caster is an accessory that needs to be purchased by the customer. It can be selected. The installation hole is reserved for the equipment, and the installation is simple and convenient. The wheels are made of top-grade polyurethane (PU), and the brackets are made of 2.5mm pickled boards to add reinforcements. A single 4-inch caster wheel can carry 150kg. The wheel surface is designed with texture to enhance the anti-skid performance.

Equipped with fluorescent lamp, with protective cover

The lighting system is designed humanized by our company. A fluorescent lamp with a protective cover is set above the grinding table, which can be turned on when the light is relatively dark, which is convenient and convenient to use.

Configure the power socket of the grinder (optional)

The power socket is a humanized design of our company. A 220V power socket is set on the side of the grinding table, which can facilitate the power connection operation of the grinder and avoid the use of additional wiring boards (this configuration must be connected to the five-core cable by the customer, that is, with zero Wire).

Configuration toolbox (optional)

The tool box is designed humanized by our company. A hanging tool box is set on the side of the grinding table, which can conveniently place some small tools such as grinding sheets and grinding machines, which is conducive to the 6S management on site.


Technical specification

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