SHF-EX series explosion-proof grinding table

It is specially designed for metal fine grinding, grinding and polishing, etc.
Keywords: metal fine grinding, grinding and polishing and other process characteristics and design
Product features: explosion-proof, large air volume, pulse back blowing and dust removal
Power: 3.0kw-7.5kw 380v
Maximum flow: 8000 m3/h
Maximum negative pressure: 2600mbar
Filtration accuracy: 3um & 99.9%

Explosion-proof motors, certified

The power system is composed of a motor and fan blades. It adopts a vertical motor structure and an integrated compact design. In the case of ensuring the negative pressure of the air volume, it reduces the floor space of the machine.


Explosion-proof electric box, conformity certification

The circuit design of the control unit has thermal overload, phase loss, reverse phase sequence protection functions, independent control of the pulse blowback system, internal AC contactors, thermal overload and other main electrical components are all Schneider brand electrical components. Flameproof explosion-proof electric box, explosion-proof mark: ExtdA21IP65T135℃.


Cartridge filter, high filtration fineness

The filter system adopts a cartridge filter, imported polyester fiber substrate, and anti-static PTFE coating treatment. The dust filtration accuracy of the equivalent diameter of 0.3μm is more than 99%, which meets the indoor emission standard. The wind resistance is small and easy to clean. .
The cartridge filter is installed vertically, and the dust is easy to fall off during the pulse blowback cleaning, and it will not interfere with other filters, so as to avoid the occurrence of alternate accumulation of dust in horizontal or oblique installations.



Pulse back blowing dust removal, good effect

Pneumatic pulse blowback system consists of air storage tank, electromagnetic pulse valve, blowback nozzle, pulse controller and so on. One end of the pulse valve is connected to the compressed air storage cylinder, and the other end is connected to the injection pipe. An exhaust valve is installed on the valve cover, and the exhaust valve is controlled by a pulse controller.
When there is no signal from the pulse controller, the pulse solenoid valve starts to work, and the dust removal is completed in about 0.1~0.3S for each injection, and it is the high-pressure air ejected at this moment that has a good dust removal effect. The air enters the filter cartridge at a high flow rate, causing the filter cartridge to expand rapidly, causing a shock vibration, which shakes off the dust attached to the filter cartridge, and the fine dust adsorbed on the surface of the filter material is shaken off into the dust hopper under the action of the airflow .


Drawer type dust box, practical and convenient

The dust collection box adopts a drawer structure and is made of 304 stainless steel. When the dust is full, open the door panel, and the dust collection box can be pulled out to clean the dust, and then the dust collection box can be sent in after completion. Convenient, fast and practical.


Explosion decompression device to ensure safety

The explosion relief diaphragm is a non-reclosable pressure relief device controlled by pressure difference and has a relief effect. It can blast under the specified temperature and pressure, release the pressure, protect the safety of pressure-bearing equipment, and ensure the safety of people’s lives and national property. In case of an explosion, it can minimize the harm.
304 stainless steel countertop.
The grinding table is made of 304 stainless steel. Since the workpiece needs to move and collide frequently on the table, it is easy to wear if it is painted or baked. And the stainless steel material is more beautiful.





Puhua quality, attention to detail

Explosion-proof wiring socket is convenient for taking power of the hand-held grinder. Equipped with a tool box, it is convenient for the placement of grinding and other tools.


Expandable baffle for easy placement of long workpieces

The left and right baffles of the worktable are designed as a latch structure, which can be unfolded and used to facilitate the placement of long workpieces.


Explosion-proof lighting

The equipment is equipped with explosion-proof lighting as standard, which is very practical for occasions with poor light or night work.


Powder blasting device [optional]

In order to reduce the proportion of flammable and explosive dust content, during the operation of the equipment, calcium carbonate powder is regularly sprayed to make it adhere to the surface of the filter cartridge, which can avoid the adhesion of oily dust to a certain extent, and also has the effect of actively suppressing explosion .


Table rubber cushion [optional]

For some precision workpieces, to avoid bumps or scratches on the work surface during grinding, it is necessary to add a rubber cushion that matches the dust extraction space on the table. Puhua can provide this customized service.

Technical specification

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