SDM series special dust collector for grinding room

Designed for various types of dust, welding, grinding and polishing and other large and multi-station places
Key words: various types of dust, welding, grinding and polishing and other large and multi-station places
Product features: central dust collection system, beautiful appearance

The working principle of the overall management all-in-one machine

The overall treatment all-in-one machine is to integrate the exhaust port, exhaust port (supply port), filter unit, back-blowing unit, fan unit, control unit, and ash unloading unit of the entire dust removal system into one device. Small area, easy installation and maintenance.
In a certain space, place an integrated machine for overall treatment, use the air exhaust port and air supply port of the equipment to form a blowing and suction cycle air flow, cover the working area, and let the harmful dust particles generated by the process enter the filter host through the air exhaust port , The clean air after high-precision filtration enters the workshop through the air supply port and circulates, playing the role of purifying the workshop environment.


Power unit, stable and reliable

The fan power unit is composed of a motor and fan blades. The integrated compact design reduces the floor space of the machine while ensuring the negative pressure of the air volume. We use international brand motor – Siemens, specially designed high energy efficiency centrifugal fan with excellent performance, low noise and good motion balance.

Imported filter material, high-precision filtration

The filter system adopts the filter cartridge filter, and the standard configuration is Japanese Toray polyester fiber base material. The standard configuration is PTFE-coated material, and the filtration accuracy of dust with an equivalent diameter above 0.3 microns is over 99%. Higher filtration accuracy filter cartridge materials or anti-static or flame-retardant materials are optional.

Intelligent pulse blowback system, high cleaning efficiency

Combination of timed blowback + differential pressure blowback; combination of intermittent blowback and continuous blowback.
The pneumatic pulse blowback system consists of a cylinder, an electromagnetic pulse valve, a pulse controller, and compressed air. One end of the pulse valve is connected to the compressed air storage cylinder, and the other end is connected to the injection pipe. An exhaust valve is installed on the valve cover, and the exhaust valve is controlled by a pulse controller.
When there is no signal from the pulse controller, the pulse solenoid valve starts to work, and the dust removal is completed in about 0.1~0.3S for each injection, and it is the high-pressure air ejected at this moment that has a good dust removal effect. The air enters the filter cartridge at a high flow rate, causing the filter cartridge to expand rapidly, causing a shock vibration, which shakes off the dust attached to the filter cartridge, and the fine dust adsorbed on the surface of the filter material is shaken off into the dust hopper under the action of the airflow .
The air storage bag is made of stainless steel to prevent water vapor from rusting and affect the service life of the solenoid valve. The oil-water separator adopts the SMC/AirTAC brand.

Quick-release filter cartridge design, easy to maintain and clean

Adopting Puhua’s patented quick-release filter cartridge design, the installation and disassembly of the filter cartridge is very convenient, providing great convenience for manual cleaning of the filter, and the disassembly and assembly of the filter cartridge can be completed within 1 minute.

Labyrinth suction port for optimal airflow to the dust collector

The dust suction port adopts a labyrinth structure design to ensure the best air flow under the condition of limited air volume, reducing system loss and energy consumption.



Technical specification

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