PSB Series Bag Vibrating Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Widely used in electronics, medicine, food, fine chemicals (clean production, dust control) and other occasions
Keywords: electronics, medicine, food, fine chemicals (clean production, dust control)
Product features: compact, simple and practical
Power: 0.37kw-7.5kw 220V/380V
Flow: 80-900 m3/h
Maximum negative pressure: 400mbar
Filtration accuracy: 5um & 99.9%
Cleaning method: manual lifting and vibration dust cleaning

High-voltage power, continuous escort

The power system adopts the international advanced precision casting turbo blower (air pump), wide pressure and dual frequency, high reliability, low noise, long life, and can work continuously for 24 hours. The power is optional from 0.25kw-4.0kw, and the power supply can be single-phase 230V 50/60Hz, three-phase 220-240/345-415V 50Hz and 220-275/380-480V 60Hz, etc. Special voltage can be customized.


Electrical protection, famous brand components

In terms of the electrical system, the main electronic control components adopt the internationally famous brand – French Schneider products. The turbine motor realizes independent control of the electric box, built-in thermal overload protection, optional phase loss and reverse phase sequence protection, the control panel is simple and elegant, and can easily realize functions such as remote control and linkage control.

High-efficiency filtration, rejecting dust

The filter system adopts star-shaped bag, and the star-shaped bag filter is made of polyester fiber needle-punched felt, which can be customized for specific working conditions. The star-shaped bag filter can be covered with a film to improve the filtration accuracy and prevent dust from passing through.

Manual dust vibration, efficient and reliable

The dust removal system adopts the simplest and most direct dust removal mode of lifting and vibrating dust, and uses mechanical twisting force to make the dust adhered to the outer surface of the filter cartridge fall off.

Anti-collision guardrail, noise reduction design

In terms of structural design, a protective plate is added around the motor. One of the functions is to prevent the long-running motor from heating and scalding the operator or causing adverse effects on other objects; the second function is to prevent heavy objects from falling and damaging the motor or small objects from falling into the interior of the motor. ; The third function is to play the role of noise reduction.

Stainless steel dust bucket, sturdy and durable vacuum cleaner

The vacuum bucket is all made of stainless steel, the wall is smooth, easy to clean, strong corrosion resistance, strong and durable, the dust suction bucket cover is formed by CNC spinning machine, the appearance is beautiful and generous, and problems such as desoldering and cracks are eliminated.

Negative pressure monitoring, dust cleaning reminder

Negative pressure gauge is a standard configuration component of the whole machine, which is specially designed by Puhua Company for industrial suction
The dust collector is customized, and green, blue, and red correspond to the internal negative pressure of each power segment respectively.
The pointer points to the red area, which means the filter needs to be cleaned or replaced.

Industrial casters, your choice

Industrial casters are accessories that need to be purchased by customers. They can be selected, and the equipment is pre-installed
The installation holes are reserved, and the installation is simple and convenient. The wheels are made of top polyurethane (PU),
The frame adopts 2.5mm pickling board to add reinforcement ribs, and a single 2-inch caster can carry 50kg.
The wheel surface adopts texture design to enhance the anti-skid performance.

Complete accessories, as you choose


Technical specification

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