PM3B manual bag type industrial vacuum cleaner

Widely used in workshop cleaning, machining, batteries, casting, electronics, textiles (clean production, dust control) and other occasions
Key words: workshop cleaning, mechanical processing, battery, casting, electronics, textile (clean production, dust control)
Product features: large suction, bag filter, manual dust vibration
Power: 220V/3.6kw
Flow rate: 360 m3/h
Maximum negative pressure: 300mbar
Filtration accuracy: 3um & 99.9%
Dust vibration method: manual dust removal

Three motors, single phase power supply

Three single-phase bypass electric motors, independent switch control, strong suction, adjustable air volume.
220V power supply is conveniently connected, special voltage can be customized.

Special customized plastic head shell

The body is made of stainless steel with smooth walls, easy to clean, strong corrosion resistance, and durable.
Including the head is a steel plastic shell, high-quality fan, strong suction.
Humanized buckle, quick and easy to open.
Puhua customized negative pressure gauge, real-time monitoring.

High-efficiency filtration, rejecting dust

The PM3B model uses a PTFE-coated star-shaped bag filter, which has a filtration accuracy of more than 99% for particles above 1 µm. Compared with commercial vacuum cleaners, the filtration accuracy is higher, and it prevents fine dust from entering the motor through the bag and causing the motor to burn out. Phenomenon. The base material is made of polyester fiber needle-punched felt, and materials such as anti-static, flame retardant, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance can be customized for specific working conditions.

Electric dust vibration, efficient and reliable

Rotary vibration dust cleaning adopts the electric vibration dust mode. The operator only needs to press the dust removal button, and the built-in dust removal motor will automatically run to clean the dust, and the large particles of dust adhering to the surface of the filter cartridge can be cleaned.

The upper and lower barrels are separated, and the garbage is cleaned conveniently

The separation structure of the upper and lower buckets is the standard configuration of this machine. The biggest convenience for users is the convenience of dust removal. When cleaning dust, you only need to lift the pressure bar, and the dust collection bucket will naturally fall to the ground. Drag the built-in casters The dust bucket dumps the dust, and when finished, press down the pressure lever.

Negative pressure monitoring, dust cleaning reminder

Negative pressure gauge is a standard configuration component of the whole machine. It is specially customized by Puhua Company for industrial vacuum cleaners. The green, blue and red correspond to the internal negative pressure of the machine in each power segment, and the pointer points to the red area to indicate that the filter needs to be cleaned or replaced.

Industrial casters, your choice

Industrial casters are accessories that need to be purchased separately by customers, and can be selected as accessories. The equipment has reserved mounting holes, and the installation is simple and convenient. The wheels are made of top-grade polyurethane (PU), and the brackets are made of 2.5mm pickled boards to add reinforcements. A single 2-inch caster wheel can carry 50kg. The wheel surface is designed with texture to enhance the anti-skid performance.

Complete accessories, any match

Vacuum accessories can be according to user requirements, corresponding to different power have different accessories.


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