PGF-EX series pulse back blowing heavy industry explosion-proof vacuum cleaner

Designed for metal processing, aluminum-magnesium metal processing, batteries, foundry, electronics, 3D printing and other industries
Keywords: used in metal processing, aluminum-magnesium metal processing, battery, casting, electronics, 3D printing and other industries
Product features: pulse blowback, safe explosion-proof

Explosion-proof motor, to eliminate the hidden danger of electrical sparks in the motor

The power system adopts the international advanced explosion-proof precision casting turbo fan (air pump), wide pressure and dual frequency, high reliability, low noise, long life, and can work continuously for 24 hours. The power is optional from 3.0kw-7.5kw, and the power supply is 380V/50Hz. Motor explosion-proof grade: ExdⅡBT4Gb.

Anti-static filter to eliminate the hidden danger of static sparks

For the filtration system, a cartridge filter is used.
The cartridge filter is treated with aluminized film on the surface, which has good anti-static performance, and the surface resistance is ≤105Ω.


Explosion-proof electrical box, to eliminate hidden dangers of electrical sparks

The control system uses an explosion-proof electric box, and the internal AC contactor and thermal overload use Schneider brand electrical components. Flameproof explosion-proof electric box, explosion-proof mark: Exd Ⅱ BT4.


Pulse blowback, high efficiency dust removal

Adopting the best filter cartridge dust removal technology so far, automatic pulse back-blowing full of dust, and combined with the specially developed spiral injection technology, the dust removal area covers the surface of the entire filter cartridge, and there is no cleaning blind area.



Negative pressure monitoring, dust cleaning reminder

The negative pressure gauge is a standard configuration component of the whole machine. It is specially customized by Puhua Company for industrial vacuum cleaners. Green, blue, and red correspond to the internal negative pressure of the machine in each power segment. The pointer points to the red area to indicate that the filter needs to be cleaned or replaced.

Industrial casters, easy to move

Industrial casters are simple and convenient to install. The wheels are made of top-grade polyurethane (PU), and the bracket is made of 2.5mm pickled board to add reinforcement ribs. A single 2-inch caster wheel can carry 50kg. The wheel surface is designed with texture to enhance the anti-skid performance.

The upper and lower barrels are separated for easy dust removal

The separation structure of the upper and lower buckets is the standard configuration of this machine. The biggest convenience for users is the convenience of dust removal. When cleaning dust, you only need to lift the pressure bar, and the dust collection bucket will naturally fall to the ground. Drag the built-in casters The dust bucket dumps the dust, and when finished, press down the pressure lever.

Built-in cyclone separator to reduce the load on the filter

The built-in cyclone separator structure is the standard configuration of this machine. When it is installed at the connection with the dust suction port, large particles of dust particles can be directly settled in the lower dust bucket after passing through the cyclone separator. It does not need to be intercepted and collected by filters, and filters can be added service life.


Anti-static interface and hose

The vacuum hose and joints are made of anti-static material, the electrical conductivity meets the DIN53482 standard, and the surface resistance is <106Ω.


Technical specification

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