MXV series oil mist purifier

It is specially designed for machining industry, heat treatment industry, grinding machine, CNC machining lathe, etc.
Keywords: machining industry, heat treatment industry, grinding machine, CNC machining lathe, etc.
Product features: plate and frame filter, vertical structure, compact structure.

Power: 380V/3.0~7.5kw
Maximum flow: 3000~8000m3/h
Filtration level: 5 levels
Filtration method: mechanical filtration

High-quality fan system, smooth and quiet operation

The fan adopts Puhua custom brushless motor. High speed, large air volume, higher efficiency, stable performance and no overload power unit, stable and reliable.
The fan power unit is composed of a motor and an aluminum alloy fan blade. The integrated compact design reduces the floor space of the machine while ensuring the negative pressure of the air volume. Our MXV series three-phase motor adopts Siemens brand, and single-phase motor adopts domestic famous brand. The specially designed medium-pressure centrifugal impeller has excellent performance, low noise and good motion balance.

Plate and frame mechanical filter, quick release design

It adopts plate and frame filter, equalizing plate + metal pre-filtration + coarse and medium efficiency + high efficiency/activated carbon and other total multi-stage filtration, with high filtration accuracy and good effect. The installation method of the filter adopts a quick-release structure design and a drawer-type structure design. Each level of filter can be disassembled and installed separately, and the replacement is simple and quick.

Electric control, safe and durable

In terms of electrical system, the main electronic control components adopt Schneider brand. Built-in electric box independent control, built-in thermal overload protection, phase loss, reverse phase sequence protection, simple and elegant control panel, can easily realize remote control, linkage control and other functions.

Uniform air cavity, convenient oil discharge

The oil discharge system is designed with an oil discharge hole, which is controlled by a manual ball valve, and an electric ball valve can also be selected to realize the automatic oil discharge function.


Technical specification

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