MED series double electrostatic oil mist purifier

It is specially designed for large-scale CNC processing workshops, oil mist collection and purification with more than 10 stations
Key words: large CNC processing workshop, oil mist collection and purification with more than 10 stations
Product features: double electrostatic filter, integrated body design, easy installation and maintenance

Power: 380V/15.0~30.0kw
Maximum flow: 18000~36000m3/h
Filtration level: 7 levels
Filtration method: central combined electrostatic filter.

Electrostatic Filtration Principle

The electrostatic main filter unit is generally divided into an ionization section and a collection end. The ionization section uses the most advanced ultra-high voltage power supply (6kv~12kv) in China to generate high-voltage static electricity. Under the action of a high-voltage plasma electric field, the tiny oil particles and gas are ionized. Electricity, the charged tiny ions (oil particles) enter the collection section behind with the wind, because there is a potential difference between the plates of the collection section, through the positive and negative phase suction advection adsorption technology, the charged ions are adsorbed on the plate, and gradually form The oil droplets settle in the oil collection tank, so as to degrade, purify and discharge the oil mist particles and organic substances in the exhaust gas.

Oil discharge system, simple and convenient

In terms of the oil discharge system, the oil in the two chambers is collected through 304 stainless steel pipes and discharged to one oil discharge port. Generally, the oil is directly connected to the pipe and discharged to the inside of the equipment for reuse.



Safety protection,anti-electric shock

The safety protection design has a non-contact proximity switch. This equipment is equipped with a separate safety switch, that is, when the electric field door is opened, the machine will automatically cut off the power, which basically ensures the safety of the operator and prevents high-voltage electric shock accidents caused by misoperation.



Electrostatic filtration, low cost of use and maintenance

Filter system adopts mechanical plate frame filter + electrostatic main filter combined structure:                                                 
At the first level: the metal plate frame filter is used to equalize the flow and intercept large particles.
At the second stage: multi-fiber metal filter element is used to intercept small metal particles.
At the third stage:labyrinth type metal filter element is used to intercept large particles of oil mist;
The fourth stage:the use of electrostatic filter, no consumables, low maintenance cost;
At the Fifth stage:metal filter, purification and flow balancing;
At the Sixth stage:the use of electrostatic filter, two electrostatic, efficient filtration;
At the seventh stage:optional activated carbon filter, used to remove odor components;


Technical specification

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