ME series oil mist purifier

It is specially designed for the oil mist collection and purification of water-soluble cutting fluid of CNC machine tools
Key words: Design of oil mist capture and purification of water-soluble cutting fluid for CNC machining machine tools
Product features: electrostatic filter, integrated body, low noise, small vibration

Power: 380V/0.75~1.5kw
Maximum flow: 1000~3000m3/h
Filtration level: 6 levels
Filtration method: electrostatic filtration

Electrostatic Filtration Principle

The electrostatic main filter unit is generally divided into an ionization section and a collection end. The ionization section uses the most advanced ultra-high voltage power supply (6kv~12kv) in China to generate high-voltage static electricity. Under the action of a high-voltage plasma electric field, the tiny oil particles and gas are ionized. Electricity, the charged tiny ions (oil particles) enter the collection section behind with the wind, because there is a potential difference between the plates of the collection section, through the positive and negative phase suction advection adsorption technology, the charged ions are adsorbed on the plate, and gradually form The oil droplets settle in the oil collection tank, so as to degrade, purify and discharge the oil mist particles and organic substances in the exhaust gas.

Power unit, stable and reliable

The fan power unit is composed of a motor and a customized high-efficiency fan blade. The integrated compact design reduces the floor space of the machine while ensuring the negative pressure of the air volume.
Our ME series three-phase motor adopts Siemens brand, and single-phase motor adopts domestic famous brand. The specially designed medium-pressure centrifugal impeller has excellent performance, low noise and good motion balance.

High-voltage power supply, high-level protection

In terms of high-voltage power supply, it adopts circuit control designed by Puhua Environmental Protection, double closed-loop control of current and voltage, constant current and constant voltage output, which can effectively prevent arcing and ensure constant purification efficiency;
Discharge 15 times continuously, the power supply enters the protection state, that is, the output high voltage is 0V, disconnect the 220 V power supply, power on after 20 seconds, the power supply restarts, and enters the normal working state. This function is used to detect whether the user’s load is too dirty to prompt the user to clean the load. This function can be selected by the user.

Oil discharge system, simple and convenient

The oil discharge system is designed with an oil discharge hole, which is controlled by a manual ball valve, and can also be directly discharged into the interior of the equipment for recycling.


Drawer structure, easy to replace and maintain

The filter installation adopts a drawer structure, which is convenient for maintenance and replacement.


Safety protection,anti-electric shock

The safety protection design has a non-contact proximity switch. This equipment is equipped with a separate safety switch, that is, when the electric field door is opened, the machine will automatically cut off the power, which basically ensures the safety of the operator and prevents high-voltage electric shock accidents caused by misoperation.


Electric control, safe and durable

In terms of electrical system, the main electronic control components adopt Schneider brand. The electrical box is independently controlled, with built-in thermal overload protection, phase loss, and reverse phase sequence protection. The control panel is simple and elegant, and the main power switch, operation indication, and alarm indication are set. Remote control, linkage control and other functions can be easily realized.


Technical specification

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