MC-600 series oil mist purifier

It is specially designed for the oil mist collection and purification of water-soluble cutting fluid of CNC machine tools
Key words: Design of oil mist capture and purification of water-soluble cutting fluid for CNC machining machine tools
Product features: one-piece body, low noise and vibration

Power: 220/380V 0.75kw
Maximum flow: 600m3/h
Filtration level: 5 levels
Filtration method: mechanical filtration

High-quality fan system, smooth and quiet operation

The fan adopts Puhua custom brushless motor. High speed, large air volume, higher efficiency, stable performance and no overload Power unit, stable and reliable
The fan power unit is composed of a motor and an aluminum alloy fan blade. The integrated compact design reduces the floor space of the machine while ensuring the negative pressure of the air volume.
Our MC-600 three-phase motor adopts the Siemens brand, and the single-phase motor adopts a domestic famous brand. The specially designed medium-pressure centrifugal impeller has excellent performance, low noise and good motion balance.

Plate and frame mechanical filter, quick release design

The plate and frame filter is adopted, with a total of 5 stages of filtration, including flow equalizer + metal pre-filtration + coarse and medium efficiency + high efficiency, with high filtration accuracy and good effect.
The filter installation method adopts a quick-release structure design, that is, the filter can be taken out as a whole, and each stage filter can be disassembled and installed separately, and the replacement is simple and fast.

Efficient configuration, optional

The air outlet can be equipped with a cartridge-type high-efficiency filter. For occasions with relatively high environmental requirements in the workshop, it can meet the emission level of clean rooms and dust-free rooms. High-efficiency filters, polyester fiber or nanofiber materials can be selected.

Separate oil storage chamber design, reasonable and practical

The oil discharge system is designed with an oil discharge hole, controlled by a manual ball valve, or directly connected to a hose to discharge into the interior of the equipment for recycling.



Bottom mounting hole

The installation method is bottom installation. The machine base is installed on the top of the processing machine through screws and nuts. The installation method is designed with a semi-open groove hole at the bottom. The basic dimensions are as follows, and the installation dimensions can also be customized according to the specific conditions of customers.



Technical specification

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