HDC-H series non-metal smoke dust purifier

Purifier designed for laser marking/engraving leather, acrylic, PVC and other non-metallic materials or processes with strong odor
Keywords: laser marking/engraving leather, acrylic, plastic, PVC and other non-metallic materials or purifiers with heavy odor process design
Product features: beautiful appearance, convenient operation, high cost performance
Power: 3800V/1500W 220V/1500W
Flow: 1800m3/h
Maximum negative pressure: 2000 Pa
Filtration accuracy: 0.3um & 99.9%
Number of suction ports: single port or double port

High-quality fan system, smooth and quiet operation

The power system adopts single-phase/three-phase asynchronous motor + special customized impeller, which has strong suction, large air volume and low noise. The single-phase motor adopts domestic famous brand, and the three-phase motor adopts Siemens brand motor. The wind wheel made of alloy material and the unique dynamic balance correction technology make the wind wheel run more smoothly and reliably, and the air suction volume is larger.

Control circuit, safe and reliable

In terms of electrical system, the main electronic control components adopt the international famous brand – French Schneider products. The motor realizes independent control of the electric box, built-in thermal overload protection, simple and elegant control panel, and can easily realize functions such as remote control and linkage control.

Multi-stage filtration, special activated carbon layer group, the first choice for odor dust

The filter system adopts polyester needle-punched felt bag filter with large filter area, and the filter can be cleaned and reused, which greatly reduces the use of consumables. It is the first choice for laser processing of non-metallic fume, especially for occasions with a large amount of fume. At the same time, it is equipped with HEPA high-efficiency filter and activated carbon filter as the secondary filter, which is especially used in the conditions that require deodorization. This product uses a special activated carbon filter customized by the manufacturer, and conducts special research on the iodine adsorption value, carbon tetrachloride (CTC) adsorption value, and methylene blue adsorption value of activated carbon. It is especially suitable for laser engraved leather, acrylic, kraft paper, PVC. Ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, carbon disulfide, methyl mercaptan, methyl sulfide, dimethyl disulfide, trimethylamine, styrene and VOC organic waste gas produced by non-metallic materials, the effect is remarkable.

Quick-release design, quick and easy filter replacement

The filter replacement method adopts a quick-release design. The operator only needs to unscrew the left and right two handles with handles to remove the filter for cleaning and replacement, which is convenient and quick, and ensures good air tightness.

Left and right air inlet, variable air outlet design

The air inlet adopts the left and right air inlet design, and customers can freely choose the left or right air inlet according to the different placement positions of the equipment, reducing the length of the pipe and unnecessary winding. The air outlet can choose a long standard air outlet with a muffler for direct indoor discharge, or you can choose to add a round air outlet to directly discharge through the pipe or connect to the central smoke exhaust system (when confirming the order illustrate).



Technical specification

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