HC series odor smoke purifier

Purifier designed for laser engraving non-metallic fumes
Key words: laser engraving purifier designed for non-metal fumes
Product features: odor removal, safety, quiet
Power: 220V/200W 220V/500W
Flow: 360-500 m3/h
Maximum negative pressure: 4000-6000 Pa
Filtration accuracy: 0.3um & 99.9%
Number of suction arms: single port or double port

Brushless fan, low noise operation

The power system adopts a single-phase brushless motor with strong suction, 220V power supply is conveniently connected, and it can realize stepless speed regulation, so that the air volume can be selected according to the working conditions. One of the biggest advantages of the brush fan is the low-noise operation, the machine runs smoothly and the noise is low. Through our special design, its wind pressure and air volume parameters are maintained at a high level, and the maximum negative pressure can reach 10kpa. The wind wheel made of alloy material and the unique dynamic balance correction technology make the wind wheel run more smoothly and reliably, and the air suction volume is larger.

Control circuit, safe and reliable

The electrical system adopts the advanced modular circuit board specially designed by our company, which can realize the PWM stepless speed regulation function. The key components adopt imported brands and materials to fully guarantee the safety and reliability of operation. In addition, there will be an audible alarm function when a clogged filter is detected. Remind the user to clean the dust or replace the filter.

Combined filtration, thorough purification

In terms of filtration system, four-stage purification is used. Modular design, layers of protection. Primary, medium and high-efficiency activated carbon can be replaced separately, the filter element has a longer service life and lower cost. Filter layer by layer to ensure that harmful fumes are purified more thoroughly. The purification rate of soot with an equivalent diameter of 0.3 microns is as high as 99.9%. The activated carbon filter element with catalyst can absorb and purify various odors and toxic and harmful substances in the air.

Universal suction arm, efficient and reliable

The vacuum system is equipped with a machine equipped with a 1.4-meter universal smoking arm, which can change direction and position at will (the length can be adjusted according to customer requirements, without external support). The square smoking hood is adopted, the shape conforms to the principle of aerodynamics, the smoking area is larger, and the efficiency is higher.

Technical specification

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