DK series intelligent industrial dust collector

The DK series products is characterized that Intelligent, humanized, high energy efficiency also Integrated cabinet structure is adopted with beautiful appearance.Designed for laser cutting dust, viscous fume filtration, food, medicine, chemical industry and other floating dust,withhigh intelligence.Equipped with Siemens motor,Customized high energy efficiency impeller, imported brand polyester fiber filter cartridge, PTFE membrana tectoriaed, H13 grade high filtration accuracy and efficiency.

The DK series products is characterized that beautiful appearance, large air flow, Pneumatic impulse blowback cleaning also Integrated cabinet structure is adopted.Designed for Laser cutting dust, plasma cutting dust and other floating dust.
maximum flow:1800m3/h
negative pressure:1800-2400 Pa
Filtration efficiency:0.3um & 99.9%
Cleaning method:Pneumatic impulse blowback cleaning

Siemens Motor, continuous running

Thedynamical system adopts Siemens 380V three-phase asynchronous motor,configuration of special customized aluminum alloy impeller, the design of the perfect combination of negative pressure and flow, stable operation, low failure rate, low noise, can be 24 hours continuous work.

Cartridge filter, high filtration accuracy

The filter system is made of cartridge filter, Japan Toray polyester fiber base material. Standard configuration of polyester fiber oil and water resistant material, the equivalent filter diameter of more than 3 micron dust filter accuracy of 99%, also can choose higher filter precision filter cylinder material like anti-static , Flame retardant material and so on.

Pulse back blowing cleaning dust, preeminent effect

The pneumatic pulse back blowing system consists of a cylinder, solenoid pulse valve, PLC controller, and compressed air. One end of the pulse valve is connected with a compressed air storage cylinder, and the other end is connected with a jet pipe. The valve cover is equipped with an exhaust valve, which is controlled by a pulse controller.

When there is no signal issued by the pulse control instrument, the pulse solenoid valve to work, and the ash cleaning is completed in 0.1-0.3S each time. The high-pressure air emitted at this moment has a good ash cleaning effect. Air enters the filter cylinder at high flow rate, which makes the filter cylinder expand sharply and causes impact vibration, which makes the dust attached to the filter cylinder be shaken off, and the dust adsorbed on the surface of the filter material is shaken off to the dust collection bucket under the action of the air flow.

Quick disassembly filter cylinder design, maintenance and cleaning is very convenient

It adopts the design of the quick disassembly filter cylinder with the patent structure of Purehua. The installation and disassembly of the filter cylinder are very convenient, which provides great convenience for the manual cleaning of the filter. The disassembly and assembly of the filter cylinder can be completed within 1 minute.

Humanized interactive interface, intelligent control system

Intelligent control system is designed with PLC,touch panel and baroceptor, can realize a number of automatic functions,Siemens frequency converter is used for soft start and motor speed adjustment for 11kw and above.

can use the combination of differential pressure control and timing control, intermittent backblowing and continuous backblowing combination, online backblowing and offline backblowing combination, greatly improve the pulse backblowing cleaning efficiency, for refractory dust effect is more obvious.

Drawer type dust collection box, practical and convenient

The dust collection box adopts drawer-type structure. At the dust is full, the door is opened, and the dust collection box is pulled out for dust cleaning. After completion, the dust collection box can be sent into. Convenient, quick and practical.

Focus on details, humanized design

Technical specification

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