DHKL-EX series high performance explosion-proof industrial dust collector

It is specially designed for the process characteristics of the dust removal system of lithium battery, solar energy and other new energy industries, such as small suction mouth, long pipe and so on.

Keywords: Lithium battery, solar energy and other new energy industries, dust removal system is designed for small dust suction port, long pipeline and other technological characteristics.
Product features:Explosion-proof, high performance, medium and high pressure, pulse back blowing ash.

Explosion-proof motors, conformity certification

The power system consists of motor and fan, integrated compact design, in the case of ensuring the air volume negative pressure, reduce the area of the machine. According to the performance requirements, we will choose the appropriate medium.High pressure fan, no matter what kind of high pressure fan is selected, we use the explosion-proof motor with qualified domestic famous brand dust explosion-proof motor explosion-proof grade: Ex dⅡ BT4 Gb.

Pneumatic pulse back blowing ash, filter cylinder filtration

1.Automatic pulse injection with adjustable injection frequency.

2.The patented injection structure minimizes the dead Angle of the filter cylinder.

3.Cylinder filter, imported polyester fiber substrate, anti-static PTFE coating treatment, the equivalent diameter in 0.3µm dust filtration accuracy of more than 99%, in line with indoor emission standards, wind resistance is small, easy to clean.

Stainless steel dust bucket, beautiful and convenient

The dust collection bucket adopts the pressure rod type quick release structure, made of stainless steel, when the dust is full, lift up the handrail, the dust collection bucket can be pulled out to clean the dust, and then the dust collection bucket can be sent in and pressed tightly . Convenient, fast and practical.

Flameless detonation to ensure safety

The flameless explosion venting device vents upwards, and it is necessary to ensure that there is no spark or flame ejected during the explosion venting process. According to “GBT15605-2008 Dust Explosion Pressure Relief Guidelines”, the explosion venting area is calculated from the dust explosion characteristics and the volume of the dirty room.

Intelligent Control System

In terms of control, PLC control is used to record relevant monitoring data and alarm information. It is equipped with a touch screen, which can provide a human-computer interaction interface, and can set upper and lower limits for temperature values, pressure difference blowback, etc. Thermal overload protector, overload trip, protection Motor phase sequence protector, when the power supply phase is missing or reversed, the equipment cannot start and realize linkage with production equipment, which can remotely control the shutdown. Equipped with emergency stop button and equipped with sound and light alarm.


Explosion-proof temperature, wind speed, differential pressure sensor, etc

According to the needs of users, the air speed sensor of the dust suction port, the temperature sensor of the motor and the air exhaust port, the differential pressure sensor, the wind pressure sensor of the fan, etc. can be selected.

Exhaust HEPA filter

The high-efficiency filter is installed at the air outlet to meet the emission requirements of the 10,000-class/dry-class clean room.


High-precision powder spraying device [optional]

High-precision powder spraying device, embedded talc powder spraying mechanism in the dust removal system to optimize graphite dust risk control, can achieve:
Dosage: Precise and controllable, the ratio of talcum powder to inhaled dust is controllable.
Foolproof: It has the function of early warning of the remaining amount of talcum powder.
Linkage: It has linkage with the working status of the main equipment and dust removal fan.


Technical specification

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