DFL-EX series pulse blowback type explosion-proof industrial dust collector

It is specially designed for floating dust in powder industry, chemical industry, aluminum-magnesium metal processing industry, woodworking furniture industry, etc.
Keywords: powder industry, chemical industry, aluminum-magnesium metal processing industry, woodworking furniture industry and other floating dust design
Product features: explosion-proof, large air volume, pulse back blowing and dust removal.

Explosion-proof motors, conformity certification

The power system is composed of a motor and fan blades. It adopts a vertical motor structure and an integrated compact design. In the case of ensuring the negative pressure of the air volume, it reduces the floor space of the machine.Our explosion-proof motor adopts the Anhui South brand, its explosion-proof grade: Ex tD A21 IP65 T135℃.

Explosion-proof electrical box, to eliminate hidden dangers of electrical sparks

The control system uses a flame-proof electric box, and the internal AC contactor and thermal overload use Schneider brand electrical components. The explosion-proof explosion-proof electric box, explosion-proof mark: ExdⅡBT6/ExtDA21IP65T80℃ (gas and dust double explosion-proof certification).

Anti-static filter to eliminate the hidden danger of static sparks

The filter system adopts filter tube filter, Japan Toray polyamide filament material. The standard configuration is PTFE membrane material, and the filtration accuracy of dust with a diameter of 0.3 mm or more at the temperature can reach more than 99%, and the filter cartridge material with higher filtration accuracy can be selected. The surface is treated with aluminized film, good anti-static performance, and the surface resistance is less than or equal to 106Ω.


Pulse back blowing dust removal, good effect

Pneumatic pulse blowback system consists of air storage tank, electromagnetic pulse valve, blowback nozzle, pulse controller and so on. One end of the pulse valve is connected to the compressed air storage cylinder, and the other end is connected to the injection pipe. An exhaust valve is installed on the valve cover, and the exhaust valve is controlled by a pulse controller.
When there is no signal from the pulse controller, the pulse solenoid valve starts to work, and the dust removal is completed in about 0.1~0.3S for each injection, and it is the high-pressure air ejected at this moment that has a good dust removal effect. The air enters the filter cartridge at a high flow rate, causing the filter cartridge to expand rapidly, causing a shock vibration, which shakes off the dust attached to the filter cartridge, and the fine dust adsorbed on the surface of the filter material is shaken off into the dust hopper under the action of the airflow .

Explosion-proof configuration of pulse blowback system

Adopting the best filter cartridge dust removal technology so far, automatic pulse back-blowing full of dust, and combined with the specially developed spiral injection technology, the dust removal area covers the surface of the entire filter cartridge, and there is no cleaning blind area.
Explosion-proof machine adopts explosion-proof solenoid valve, explosion-proof mark: ExdⅡCT5.

Standard explosion vent

The explosion-venting device of DFL-Ex explosion-proof industrial dust collector adopts the explosion-venting diaphragm device, which can release the pressure at the specified temperature and pressure, protect the safety of the pressure-bearing equipment and the life safety of the operator, and avoid There is greater damage in the environment used, the burst pressure of the explosion venting diaphragm is 0.01Mpa, and there is a professional certificate identification card.
The explosion venting diaphragm is set at the rear of the machine. The diaphragm in this area has good rigidity and fatigue resistance, and will not be damaged prematurely due to the continuous operation of the machine; once a dust explosion occurs, the explosion-venting diaphragm will quickly rupture and release pressure, preventing the machine from secondary explosion.

Drawer type dust box, practical and convenient

The dust collection box adopts a drawer structure. When the dust is full, open the door panel, and the coke dust box can be pulled out to clean the dust, and then the dust collection box can be sent in after completion. Convenient, fast and practical.

Industrial non-slip casters, top quality polyurethane material

Industrial mobile casters are standard accessories for this machine. The wheels are made of top-grade polyurethane (PU), and the brackets are made of 2.5mm pickled boards to add reinforcements. A single 4-inch caster wheel can carry 150kg.

Customized suction port, according to your needs


Technical specification

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