Improve your Air Quality with Rotary Wet Dust Collector

Improve your Air Quality with Rotary Wet Dust Collector

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Dust filtration is an important aspect of air pollution control. Different industries especially large scale industries generate large volumes of dust that are very harmful to the environment and cause diseases in humans. So, it is important to filter and treat various kinds of dust. In this regard equipment called a Rotary Wet Dust Collector is manufactured that is designed to treat high-volume cutting, grinding spark dust, magnesium-aluminum flammable and explosive dust, sticky dust, oily dust, and high-temperature flue gas. In this article, we’ll discuss this unique dust collector.  

What is a Rotary Wet Dust Collector?

As I describe earlier Rotary Wet Dust Collector is equipment to filter and treat dust. It uses a pure wet method to filter and treat dust of large volumes. It is designed in a way that it can capture dust particles by spraying mist water onto them. It can effectively reduce the dust concentration in the air.

Features of our Rotary Wet Dust Collector

Our rotary dust collector is an ideal solution for large-scale industries because it is equipped with several features that make it stand out from other dust collectors. Below is a brief detail of our rotary wet dust collector.

1. Pure wet method:

Our rotary dust collector uses the pure wet method that effectively captures the dust. It features a water mist spray system that collects the dust from the air and settles them into the collection tank.  

2. Large processing capacity:

Our rotary dust collector is suitable for all types of dust generating industries as it has a large processing capacity. It is suitable for large scale industries because its flow rate ranges from 4000-10000 m3/h.

3. Self-Excited:

Our rotary dust collector is designed to be self-excited and does not require an external power source to function. It is powered by a 5.5~18.5kw 380V motor that enables it to operate effectively.

4. Low noise:

It produces very low noise as it features a noise level of ≤75 dBs so; it is suitable for industries that require a quiet environment.

5. Filtration method:

As described above this rotary dust collector uses a pure wet method for filtration and it can be equipped with optional discharge components for more filtration.

The bottom line

In a nutshell, a rotary wet dust collector is an ideal solution for large-scale dust generating industries. Its pure wet method can effectively capture and contains dust particles and ensures that the air you breathe is safe. Its features like large processing capacity, low noise, and self-excited motor make it suitable for large-scale operations. It requires minimal maintenance and improves air quality. It is environment friendly and best for industries as employees’ safety and healthy should be the priority.


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