HS Series—Electronic Soldering Fume Purifier

HS Series—Electronic Soldering Fume Purifier

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Products from the HS series are known for their elegance, safety, and silence. They are air purifiers created mainly to handle soldering and laser marking fumes. They have integrated primary, medium, and high-efficiency activated carbon, brushless electric motors, steel casings, and independent switch control. The filter can successfully filter greasy smoke, dust, and strange odors. A tiny device with high-cost productivity is used to cope with the smoke and dust of electrical soldering, laser marking, and engraving non-metallic materials.

Figure: HS Series—Electronic Soldering Fume Purifier


1. Low-noise performance, brushless fan

The power system uses a single-phase brushless motor with high suction, a convenient 220V power supply, and the ability to achieve continuously variable speed regulation, allowing the user to adjust the air volume following the demands of the task at hand. The low noise operation, efficient functioning, and low noise of the brushless fan are some of its most incredible benefits. The airflow pressure and air volume characteristics are kept at a high level by our unique design, and the most elevated negative pressure can exceed 10kpa. The wind wheel draws more air due to its alloy construction and innovative, dynamic balance correction technology.

2. Dependable and secure control circuit:

The electrical system uses a cutting-edge modular circuit board that was primarily created by our business and can implement continuously variable speed regulation PWM. To fully ensure the safety and dependability of operation, the major components use brands and imported materials.

Additionally, when a clogged filter is found, there will be an audible alarm function. The user should be reminded to change the filter or wipe the dirt.

3. Combined filtration and thorough purification

The filtering system purifies in four steps. Layers of protection and modular construction. The filter element has a longer lifespan and is less expensive. Primary, medium, and high-efficiency activated carbon can all be replaced separately. To guarantee that hazardous fumes are properly purified, filter one layer at a time. Soot with an average diameter of 0.3 microns can be purified up to 99.9% of the time.

Different scents and hazardous compounds in the air can be absorbed and purified by the activated carbon filter element with catalyst.

4. Universal, Effective, and Dependable Suction arm

A tool with a 1.4-meter universal smoking arm that can be moved around and directed at will is part of the vacuum system. Without external support, the length can be altered to meet customer needs.

The square smoking hood is chosen because it follows the aerodynamics concept, has a larger smoking area, and is more effective.

Technical parameter:

Typical Case:

Figure: Electronic soldering fume purification.

The evolution of laser marking and engraving processing fumes

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Electronic Soldering, HS Series Fume purifiers are of the highest quality, are simple to operate, and are robust and long-lasting.

As part of its mission statement, Puhua Environmental Protection has always emphasized “being an industry leader in the field of manufacturing environmental purification.” Among the modern environmental protection businesses with the most cutting-edge technologies and strong international competition.

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