How to choose the right industrial vacuum cleaner? what should I be careful of?

How to choose the right industrial vacuum cleaner? what should I be careful of?

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Industrial vacuum cleaners are commonly used in industry A device used for collecting waste, filtering and purifying air, and cleaning the environment during industrial production. Industrial vacuum cleaners can absorb all kinds of metal, non-metal, oil, water and other particulate dirt and liquids, and can absorb toxic and harmful gases. It can improve the quality of products in the textile industry, and can recover some expensive catalysts in the chemical industry. Moreover, as a kind of environmental protection equipment, industrial vacuum cleaners can also effectively prevent the hazards of some occupational diseases, such as welder’s pneumoconiosis.

Compared with household vacuum cleaners, industrial vacuum cleaners have the advantages of continuous use for 24 hours, strong suction, large dust storage volume, long service life, and high temperature resistance. In particular, industrial vacuum cleaners have almost no requirements for suction objects. Various shapes of waste media can be absorbed. By adjusting the filter media, such as filter elements, filter bags, etc., it can absorb solid particles with a precision of 0.1 micron. It is suitable for fine chemicals, precision machinery and other industries.

How to choose the right industrial vacuum cleaner? The following is the Chengdu Hongwen industrial vacuum cleaner manufacturer to introduce to you, what should be paid attention to when purchasing a floor washing machine:
1. Choose dry type or wet and dry type according to the specific situation of dust, and then choose the power level according to the dust concentration.
2. According to the application requirements, consider whether continuous work is required, and fully consider the power supply system, overall performance and other aspects.
3. Choose imported products or domestic products according to budget and application requirements: Generally speaking, domestic brands are low in price and guaranteed in quality, while imported brands are high in quality, but expensive and low in cost performance.
4. Consider whether the supplier has the authorization qualification of an agent, etc.: In this regard, we are a manufacturer with completely independent intellectual property rights, which saves customers the extra costs caused by intermediate links.
5. Consider product quality and performance: such as suction, working time, function, structural design, appearance, operation, maintenance and other indicators. The suction power should be large enough to meet the application requirements, and the working time should be able to work continuously for 24 hours. It is better to have rich functions but not cause troublesome operation.
6. Consider services: including pre-sales, sales and after-sales services, especially whether professional and lasting after-sales services can be provided.

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