Dust control in wood furniture industry

Dust control in wood furniture industry

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Wood furniture processing industry and working conditions

Woodworking machinery, including sawing equipment, edge banding equipment, drilling equipment, veneer equipment, painting equipment, planer equipment, milling machine equipment, sanding equipment, lathe equipment and high-speed wood processing centers, etc. will generate a lot of dust during the processing And sawdust, which has a large amount of dust, fine particle size and is easy to be charged with static electricity, it is necessary to install a dust removal device with high filtration accuracy above the woodworking processing point to prevent dust from penetrating. When designing the pipeline, open more maintenance windows on the pipeline, add spark detectors and other equipment to monitor the dust situation in the pipeline at all times, and ensure the safety and efficiency of dust removal in the workshop.

1. Plate cutting, planing and milling stand-alone matching

2. Supporting central dust collection system

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