Dust control in other industries

Dust control in other industries

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Other dust industries and working conditions

Puhua Environmental Protection has a professional R&D and technical team. After years of hard work and accumulation, it has gradually improved the comprehensive solutions for dust purification in various industries. Whether you need a mobile vacuum cleaner, a tailor-made design and engineering advice, or a complete system solution, we are your best partner.

1. Dust control in 3D printer industry and food processing industry

2. Dust control in packaging industry and battery processing industry

3. Cleaning and finishing in the textile industry, automobile manufacturing, sanitary ware and ceramic industries

4. Dust control in railway locomotive, new energy industry and pharmaceutical industry

5. Cleaning and sorting of metal welding and cutting waste

6. Cleaning and finishing the surface and ground of equipment in the powder industry

7. Cleaning and finishing the glass fiber inside the oven

8. Cleaning and tidying of the food filling plant production line

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