DF series—pulse blowback industrial dust collector

DF series—pulse blowback industrial dust collector

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Products from the DF series are distinguished by their stunning appearance, generous air volume, and pulse back-blowing cleaning. They use a gorgeous cabinet structure that is integrated. They are especially made for drifting dust in the chemical, metal-processing, furniture, and powder industries, among others. Performance at a high expense. Contains a Japanese Toray polyester fiber filter cartridge and a Siemens motor to provide high-level filtration precision and effectiveness.

Figure: PSB Series—Bag Manual Vibrating Industrial Vacuum Cleaner


1. Siemens motor, continuous escort

The Siemens three-phase asynchronous motor is used in the three-phase 380V voltage power system, and it is fitted with a specially made, custom aluminium alloy impeller. The design of the negative pressure and flow is ideal, allowing for stable operation, a low failure rate, minimal noise, and 24-hour continuous operation.

2. Cartridge filter, high filtration fineness

The filtering system uses a cartridge filter with a polyester fibre base made in Japan by Toray. A greater filtration accuracy filter cartridge material is optional, and the typical configuration uses PTFE-coated material, which has a filtration accuracy of above 99% for dust with an equivalent diameter of 0.3 microns or more.

3. Pulse back blowing dust removal, good effect

A cylinder, an electromagnetic pulse valve, a pulse controller, and pressurized air make up the pneumatic pulse blowback system. The compressed air storage cylinder is attached to one end of the pulse valve, and the injection pipe is attached to the other end. On the valve cover, an exhaust valve is attached, and it is managed by a pulse controller.

The pulse solenoid valve begins to operate when there is no signal from the pulse controller, and the dust removal is finished in roughly 0.1-0.3S for each injection. This indicates that the high-pressure air ejected at this time has a good dust removal effect. The fine dust that has been adsorbed on the surface of the filter material is shaken off into the dust hopper by the action of the airflow as the air enters the filter cartridge at a high flow rate, causing the filter cartridge to expand quickly and cause a shock vibration.

4. Electronic control system, quality assurance

The primary electronic control elements of the electrical system use French Schneider products, an internationally renowned brand. The motor has independent control over the electric box, a built-in main power switch, thermal overload protection, phase loss protection, and reverse phase sequence protection. It also has a simple, elegant control panel with a simple interface that makes it possible to carry out tasks like remote control and linkage control.

5. Drawer type dust box, practical and convenient

A drawer construction is used for the dust collection box. Open the door once the dust is full to allow access to the dust collection box, which can then be sent back in once the dust has been cleaned. Convenient, quick, and useful.

Installation of industrial casters is easy and practical. The brackets are built of 2.5 mm pickled boards to give rigidity, and the wheels are made of premium polyurethane (PU). 50kg may be carried by a single 2-inch caster wheel. The texturing on the wheel surface is intended to improve anti-skid performance.

Customized suction port, according to your needs.

Technical parameter:

Typical Case:

1. Laser processing

2. Woodworking furniture

3. Metal processing

4. Equipment matching

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The mission of Puhua Environmental Protection has always been to “become a market leading company in the field of manufacturing environmental purification.” one of today’s most cutting-edge and globally competitive environmental protection businesses. We created the DF series—pulse blowback industrial dust collector, which is powerful, long-lasting, and easy to use.

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