Dust control in other industries

Other dust industries and working conditions Puhua Environmental Protection has a professional R&D and technical team. After years of hard work and accumulation, it has gradually improved the comprehensive solutions for dust purification in various industries. Whether you need a mobile vacuum cleaner, a tailor-made design and engineering advice, or a complete system solution, we […]

PSD Series—Filter Cartridge Vibrating Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

The items in the PSD series are distinguished by their style, simplicity, and shorter rotating dust vibration of the filter cartridge than other industrial vacuum cleaners. Suitable for events with little room or within machinery. Widely utilized in the support of manufacturing units, PCB drilling equipment, V-Cut equipment, battery, foundry, electronics, and other industries. Figure: […]

HS Series—Electronic Soldering Fume Purifier

Products from the HS series are known for their elegance, safety, and silence. They are air purifiers created mainly to handle soldering and laser marking fumes. They have integrated primary, medium, and high-efficiency activated carbon, brushless electric motors, steel casings, and independent switch control. The filter can successfully filter greasy smoke, dust, and strange odors. […]

DF series—pulse blowback industrial dust collector

Products from the DF series are distinguished by their stunning appearance, generous air volume, and pulse back-blowing cleaning. They use a gorgeous cabinet structure that is integrated. They are especially made for drifting dust in the chemical, metal-processing, furniture, and powder industries, among others. Performance at a high expense. Contains a Japanese Toray polyester fiber […]