Machine tool/industrial oil mist control

General-purpose lathes, grinding machines, milling machines, CNC machining centers, electrical discharge machining, die-casting machines, cold heading machines, stamping machines, high-speed engraving machines, and comprehensive treatment solutions for oil fume and oil mist such as ultrasonic cleaning machines, anti-rust liquid spray, heat treatment, etc. Oil mist treatment of CNC processing machine tools Cold heading machine oil […]

Welding and cutting and grinding conditions

Cutting, shredding, sandblasting and grinding tool kits connect to vacuuming, to suction arm source capture for manual arc welding, gas shielded welding, argon arc welding and robotic welding, to high volume extraction for flame, plasma and laser cutting , Puhua Environmental Protection provides you with a cost-effective comprehensive smoke and dust extraction solution Welding fume […]

Laser processing smoke and dust purification

laser marking metal The dust generated by laser marking metal is mainly fine metal dust. This kind of dust is easy to block the filter with the general smoke purifier on the market, and the cost of consumables is high. Aiming at this working condition, Puhua Environmental Protection has developed HSB/ HTC /HCT series fume […]

Workshop Cleaning And Finishing

Puhua Environmental Protection has many years of practical experience and complete products for the cleaning, collection and arrangement of dust, particles, oil and other substances scattered on the ground and work surfaces of industrial plants, clean rooms, electronics, food, pharmaceutical production lines, metal processing workshops, etc. line, for different working conditions, we can provide highly […]

Comprehensive management of powder operations

Powder operation industry and working conditions Dust pollution will be generated in many processes during the powder processing. We commonly see the dust escape from the feed port and discharge port of the crusher, the dust escape from the mixer/disperser, and the dust from the feed port and discharge port of the vibrating screen. , […]

Circuit board/PCB industry dust control

Circuit board dust industry and working conditions Puhua Environmental Protection provides you with professional PCB board cutting, drilling, gong edge, chamfering and other mechanical processing in the circuit board industry, FPC tray adsorption and drilling, cutting laser processing, manual soldering, wave soldering, reflow soldering, etc. Single-station and multi-station smoke and dust purification and central dust […]

Dust control in wood furniture industry

Wood furniture processing industry and working conditions Woodworking machinery, including sawing equipment, edge banding equipment, drilling equipment, veneer equipment, painting equipment, planer equipment, milling machine equipment, sanding equipment, lathe equipment and high-speed wood processing centers, etc. will generate a lot of dust during the processing And sawdust, which has a large amount of dust, fine […]

Laser/Plasma Cutting Dust Removal

During laser/plasma cutting, a large amount of dust and smoke will be generated. If it is not dealt with in time, it will cause environmental pollution and damage to the laser head. Generally, direct suction, blowing suction, and damper type are used for dust extraction. According to different dust extraction methods, general China Environmental Protection […]