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Puhua Environmental Protection always takes “becoming an industry leader in the field of factory environmental purification” as its vision. Its products will be based in China and sold to the world. One of the most innovative and internationally competitive modern environmental protection enterprises.

Our main products are applied to more than 100 industries such as new energy, semiconductor chips, steel and minerals, machinery manufacturing, laser processing, PCB, food, medicine, chemicals, construction, automobiles, shipbuilding, woodworking, railway locomotives, etc. One of the best providers of comprehensive solutions.

We are your experts for excellent dust and fume purification equipment

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We are a national high-tech enterprise specializing in new energy production line process dust removal, industrial dust explosion-proof safety, factory scattered environmental protection, central fume purification system R&D design, manufacturing, sales and installation services.

Focus on the manufacture of dust, smoke and oil mist purification equipment.

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The equipment sold by the company enjoys a one-year free warranty for the whole machine (except for man-made damage, force majeure and wearing parts), and a lifetime maintenance guarantee. The starting time of the company’s product quality guarantee period is the date when the product arrives at the user (subject to the product sales handover record). During the warranty period, if the product has quality problems and needs to be repaired or the spare parts of the product need to be replaced, the company will provide free repair and replacement services, and the user does not need to pay for our company’s maintenance and required replacement parts. After the warranty period, our company implements a lifetime maintenance guarantee for the products sold.

According to the requirements of customers, our professional and technical personnel provide customers with remote knowledge training on equipment.

The company provides a 7 × 24-hour service hotline, and professional technicians answer users’ questions.

From the date of sale of the company’s products, the company implements regular product quality tracking and return visit services for the products purchased by users. For problems encountered in the use of equipment, communicate with users on possible problems at each stage of the equipment, so as to prevent equipment failures, find equipment problems early and eliminate them early, so as to ensure the normal operation of user equipment.