A few configurations that a good industrial vacuum cleaner needs to have

A few configurations that a good industrial vacuum cleaner needs to have

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Industrial vacuum cleaner is mainly used to collect waste generated during industrial production, filter and purify air, optimize processing, and Recycling of various industrial wastes. A good industrial vacuum cleaner needs to meet the following requirements and configurations:

? First: power system, industrial vacuum cleaners are mostly used in factories, and many industrial vacuum cleaners matching production equipment require 24-hour contact work, which puts high demands on our power system. Puhua brand industrial vacuum cleaner adopts international advanced precision casting turbo blower (air pump), wide pressure and dual frequency, high reliability, low noise, long life, and can work continuously for 24 hours.

Second: Filtration system: The selection of filters in industrial vacuum cleaners depends on the working conditions of the customer’s site. At present, filter cartridges and bag filters are more common. Choose filter cartridges for fine dust (at present, the most advanced technology can filter up to 0.1UM), and choose bag filters for larger particles of dust (filtering precision can reach 3-5UM). Our star bag filter uses polyester Fiber needle-punched felt, cartridge filter adopts Toray “TORAY” filter material imported from Japan, and can be customized for specific working conditions. Both the star bag filter and the filter cartridge filter can be coated to improve the filtration accuracy and prevent dust penetration.

Third: The cleaning system should be efficient and convenient. Our industrial vacuum cleaner can choose three modes of manual dust removal, electric dust vibration, and pulse blowback dust removal, and choose different dust vibration methods according to different working conditions

  Fourth: convenient and fast dumping of garbage Puhua brand industrial vacuum period The separation structure of the upper and lower barrels is a standard configuration. The greatest convenience for users is the convenience of dust removal. , the dust collection bucket falls to the ground naturally, drag the dust collection bucket with its own casters to dump the dust, and press the pressure lever after completion

Fifth, quality and after-sales guarantee: In addition to choosing the origin and brand of industrial vacuum cleaners, the credibility of product quality can be roughly judged by the manufacturing materials and appearance of the equipment. Those products with poor appearance generally have poor internal quality. The internal quality can be judged from the noise of the motor and the strength of the air suction. Our company Puhua Environmental Protection is based in South China, and has technical service centers in East China and Central China. We give you the best choice for industrial vacuum cleaners.


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