Laser cutting machine dust removal equipment selection

Selection of laser cutting machine dust removal equipment The laser cutting machine is to focus the laser emitted from the laser into a high power density laser through the optical path system bundle. The laser beam irradiates the surface of the workpiece to make the workpiece reach the melting point or boiling point, and at […]

From what aspects to choose industrial vacuum cleaners

I believe everyone is familiar with vacuum cleaners, but many people are exposed to the ones used by their own small families. Valuable industrial vacuum cleaners are still relatively rare in the home. When choosing such a vacuum cleaner, it depends on whether the quality is reliable, choose according to the actual occasion, and the […]

Application fields of industrial vacuum cleaners

In today’s society, industrial vacuum cleaners are widely known and widely used. As an automated tool, it can achieve different cleaning requirements in the working environment of different industries such as medical, equipment, and electronics. So, in which industries can industrial vacuum cleaners be applied? ? 1. Medical industry The medical industry has very high […]

Advantages and disadvantages of industrial vacuum cleaners

For example, factories or construction sites need to deal with dust and waste in a timely manner. Many friends will install industrial vacuum cleaners. This product is very different from ordinary household products. The simple appearance and large-capacity design are suitable for a large amount of dust. It is very suitable for work. Although the […]

Several issues to be aware of when using dust collectors

Now people no longer just choose a job based on the salary, but pay more attention to whether the working environment will affect the In terms of physical health, everyone has higher and higher requirements for the working environment. Some working environments will produce smoke, droplets, etc., if not dealt with, it will affect the […]

What are the areas where industrial vacuum cleaners are applied

Industrial vacuum cleaner, as the name implies, is a kind of equipment that can clean various wastes in the industrial production environment, because with it, the air in the working environment becomes cleaner, but the scope of use of this equipment is also limited , the following editor will give you a summary of which […]

Typical applications of industrial vacuum cleaners in various industries

As people’s requirements for industrial safety and efficient production are getting higher and higher, the application of industrial vacuum cleaners is becoming more and more extensive. Let’s talk about the application of our Puhua industrial vacuum cleaners in various industries. Applications of industrial vacuum cleaners in the food industry: Dust treatment in the process of […]

Puhua PT series high temperature resistant industrial vacuum cleaner

Puhua PT series high temperature resistant industrial vacuum cleaner is an industrial vacuum cleaner for working in high temperature environment. This series of products are characterized by high temperature resistance, and special treatment is done in many places. Compared with other industrial vacuum cleaners, it has professional heat insulation and cooling design. Suitable for suction […]

A few configurations that a good industrial vacuum cleaner needs to have

Industrial vacuum cleaner is mainly used to collect waste generated during industrial production, filter and purify air, optimize processing, and Recycling of various industrial wastes. A good industrial vacuum cleaner needs to meet the following requirements and configurations: ? First: power system, industrial vacuum cleaners are mostly used in factories, and many industrial vacuum cleaners […]

Analysis of key problems of industrial vacuum cleaners

Nowadays, industrial vacuum cleaners are no longer solely used for cleaning in industrial production, but are used as auxiliary machines in production. Therefore, the requirements for industrial vacuum cleaners are getting higher and higher. For example, the motor must run continuously for a long time, the filter system cannot be blocked, the industrial vacuum cleaner […]